Toastmaster V-V-V-Vishal gave his first ever humurous speech on the topic “Funniest Moment of a PWS” and won the contest


Before Contest :
I already had backed out from the contest as I was having lot of work load at office, but I decided at-least I will go to watch others.

During Contest :
Contest has begun, During Running contest, in whispering voice I told to the Contest chair that I have topic, I can try to participate but I told that I am blank with content and what she did, she wrote my name in the speaker list. Now my heart-beat became so fast….coz I knew I don’t have anything to tell except 1-2 points.

But finally after 2 contestant, my turn came and till then I had written 4 hilarious points regarding my title “Funnies moments of a PWS”. Then I went there and now you can watch me what I spoke.

Episode 9 : Talk with Pooja Khanal, “Frustration is nothing, you should just find a right path”


Pooja Khanal, lives in Kathmandu Nepal, doing her electronics & Communication engineering. She explained about her life specially some funny moments, her hobbies and how did she change her thought towards stammering and she is absolutely, role of model for us. Listen below podcast to know about her in detail.

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