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First time in India, TISA SPEAK, organized Friends Convention two days conference for children and adult who stammer so it was nice gathering of 65 people in which there were 4 children and their parents. 30 adults and 20 SLP’s. The Convention was in Mumbai at Somaiya College, Ghatkopar. Dhruv Gupta and his Mumbai SHG Team organized beautifully the convention with two of our overseas friends both were SLP’S and one was SLP as well as PWS. This convention will bring surely a new way to our Indian SLP’s ( Speech Language Pathologist) , Parents and also to aware society .

A beautifully line by one of kid “I am very happy that I am not alone who stutter there are many people like me and they have achieved everything what they want”

2 thoughts on “Friends Convention

  1. calling me a stammerer stutterer or hakla as we all know was so embarrasing but being with a small world of people with samekind feels osum. getting out for jobs and even your own business seems a big trouble and even sympathy feels awckward .but now we have to step forward with shg .great initiative.

    • vishal

      its not about shame its all about how you think yourself, if you want to make yourself strong enough so first step is accept and then start practicing

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